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Excluded Account Codes from Selected F & A Base Code

F&A base code:
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Acct Title
10951Grad Employee Tuition Remissions
20169Awards & Prizes - Non Employee
24150Land Rentals
24151Building Rentals
24250Land Leases
24251Building Leases
24612Advertising-Inst Promo/Pub Relation
24902Service Dept Support Chg
28202Building Use Overhead Charge
28203Oper & Maint of Physical Plant
28204General Admin Overhead Charge
28531Royalty Payments
28630Non OUS Particip Supp-Tuit/Regist
28631Non OUS Particip Supp-Other
28632Non OUS Particip Supp-Non Res Alien
28633Non OUS Particip Supp-Book Allow
28634Non OUS Particip Supp-Room & Board
28635Non OUS Particip Supp-Travel Paymnt
28636Non OUS Particip Supp-No Receipts
28637Non OUS Particip Supp-ForeignSource
28711Bad Debt Expense
28721Loss On Disposal of Asset
28722Write-Off Undepreciated Value
28801Purchase of Investment
28802Bond Principal Payment
28803COPS-Principal Payment
28810Interest Expense Misc
28812Interest Expense - COPs
28820Investment Premium Amortization
28821COPS Discount Premium
28831Contributions to Sinking Fund
28903Accreditation Fees
28920Athletic Guarantees
38000Transfers to OR State Agencies
38001Loans Repaid to State Agencies
38107Tfr to: Dept of Admin Services
38121Tfr to: Office Of Governor
38123Tfr to: Economic Development
38134Tfr to: Ore Youth Cons Corps
38137Tfr to: Justice
38141Tfr to: State Lands
38150Tfr to: Dept Of Revenue
38155Tfr to: Legis Assembly
38156Tfr to: Legislative Admin
38165Tfr to: Secretary Of State
38170Tfr to: Treasury Dept
38177Tfr to: Lottery Comm
38198Tfr to: Judicial Dept
38199Tfr to: Gvt Stnds & Prac Comm
38248Tfr to: Military Dept
38250Tfr to: Marine Board
38253Tfr to: Law Enforc Council
38257Tfr to: State Police
38259Tfr to: Public Safety STDS
38274Trf to: Vets Affairs
38291Trf to: Corrections Div
38292Trf to: Penitentiary Indust.
38309Trf to: Mental Health Div
38330Trf to: Dept Of Energy
38333Trf to: Health Div
38340Trf to: DEQ
38387Trf to: E Oreg Psych Center
38388Trf to: Fairview
38389Trf to: E Oreg Training
38391Trf to: E Oreg Support Services
38392Trf to: State Hospital
38396Trf to: Dammasch
38410Transfer to Human Services
38411Trf to: Senior Serv Div
38412Trf to: Childrens Services
38423Trf to: Comm on Child & Family
38436Trf to: Workers Compensation
38440Trf to: Consumer & Bus Svc
38461Trf to: AFS
38471Trf to: Employment Dept
38520Trf to: Community Coll SVC
38543Trf to: Sate Library
38575Transfer to Student Assist Commiss
38581Trf to: Dept Of Education
38582Trf to: Vocational Rehabilitation
38583Trf to: OEPP
38585Trf to: Blind Commission
38603Trf to: Agriculture
38605Tfr to: Commodity Commission
38622Transfer to Fair & Expo Center
38628Tfr to: Or Forest Research
38629Tfr to: Forestry Dept
38632Transfer to Geology & Mineral Indus
38635Tfr to: Fish & Wildlife
38660Tfr to: LCDC
38690Tfr to: Water Resources
38710Tfr to: Parks & Recreation
38730Tfr to: Dept Of Transp
38814Tfr to: Dept Of Commerce
38820Tfr to: Fire Standards
38845Tfr to: OLCC
38847Tfr to: Medical Examiners
38851Tfr to: Board Of Nursing
38860Tfr to: PUC
38862Tfr to: Racing Commission
38904Tfr to: Public Works
38914Transfer to Housing & Community Svc
38919Tfr to: Real Estate Agency
38921Tfr to: Landscape Contractors
38990Tfr to: Water Resource Bond
38999Tfr to: Other State Agencies
39919Subcont/Subgrnt in Excess of $25K
39920Subcont/Subgrnt >$25K prior Jul-01
39921Subcont/Subgrnt A in Excess of $25K
39922Subcont/Subgrnt B in Excess of $25K
39923Subcont/Subgrnt C in Excess of $25K
39924Subcont/Subgrnt D in Excess of $25K
39925Subcont/Subgrnt E in Excess of $25K
39926Subcont/Subgrnt F in Excess of $25K
39927Subcont/Subgrnt G in Excess of $25K
39928Subcont/Subgrnt H in Excess of $25K
39929Subcont/Subgrnt I in Excess of $25K
39932Subcont/Subgrnt J in Excess of $25K
39933Subcont/Subgrnt K in Excess of $25K
39934Subcont/Subgrnt L in Excess of $25K
39935Subcont/Subgrnt M in Excess of $25K
39936Subcont/Subgrnt N in Excess of $25K
39937Subcont/Subgrnt O in Excess of $25K
39960Subcont/Subgrnt >$25K after Jul-01
39961Subcont/Subgrnt >$25K prior Jul-01
39971Subcont/Subgrnt P in Excess of $25K
39972Subcont/Subgrnt Q in Excess of $25K
39973Subcont/Subgrnt R in Excess of $25K
39974Subcont/Subgrnt S in Excess of $25K
39975Subcont/Subgrnt T in Excess of $25K
39976Subcont/Subgrnt U in Excess of $25K
39977Subcont/Subgrnt V in Excess of $25K
39978Subcont/Subgrnt W in Excess of $25K
39979Subcont/Subgrnt X in Excess of $25K
39980Subcont/Subgrnt Y in Excess of $25K
39981Subcont/Subgrnt Z in Excess of $25K
39982Subcont/Subgrnt AA in Excess of$25K
39983Subcont/Subgrnt AB in Excess of$25K
39984Subcont/Subgrnt AC in Excess of$25K
39985Subcont/Subgrnt AD in Excess of$25K
39986Subcont/Subgrnt AE in Excess of$25K
39987Subcont/Subgrnt AF in Excess of$25K
39988Subcont/Subgrnt AG in Excess of$25K
39989Subcont/Subgrnt AH in Excess of$25K
39990Subcont/Subgrnt AI in Excess of$25K
39991Subcont/Subgrnt AJ in Excess of$25K
39992Subcont/Subgrnt AK in Excess of$25K
39993Subcont/Subgrnt AL in Excess of$25K
39994Subcont/Subgrnt AM in Excess of$25K
39995Subcont/Subgrnt AN in Excess of$25K
39996Subcont/Subgrnt AO in Excess of$25K
39997Subcont/Subgrnt AP in Excess of$25K
39998Subcont/Subgrnt AQ in Excess of$25K
39999Subcont/Subgrnt AR in Excess of$25K
40000Capital Outlay (Capitalized)
40001Personal Property
40100Personal Property
40103Artwork/Collection Items
40106IT Hardware/Equipment Over $5000/ea
40111Equipment Lease-Purchase
40113Principal Installment Payment
40180Non-State Equipment
40185Non-OUS Equipment
40190Library Purchases
40195Non-Cap Owned Equip-Grants <7-1-95
40199Construction in Progress(Equipment)
40299Real Property
40302Easements/Right of Ways
40303Land Improvements (non-depreciable)
40304Land Improvements (depreciable)
40305Land Leasehold Improvements
40310Land-Legal Service
40312Land-Appraisal Services
40313Land-Enginrg & Arch Svc
40314Land-Project Management
40315Land-Project Inspection
40316Land-Constructn Permits & Fees
40317Land-Conditional Use/Planning Fees
40318Land-OUS Capital Support Assess
40319Land-Miscellaneous Fees & Services
40320Land-BOLI Prevailing Wage Rate Fee
40321Land-Capitalized Interest
40400Improvements Other Than Buildings
40401Improvements Other Than Buildings
40405IOTB Leasehold Improvements
40410IOTB-Legal Service
40412IOTB-Appraisal Services
40413IOTB-Enginrg & Arch Svc
40414IOTB-Project Management
40415IOTB-Project Inspection
40416IOTB-Constructn Permits & Fees
40417IOTB-Conditional Use/Planning Fees
40418IOTB-OUS Capital Support Assess
40419IOTB-Miscellaneous Fees & Services
40420IOTB-BOLI Prevailing Wage Rate Fee
40421IOTB-Capitalized Interest
40430IOTB-Collabortive Proj Distribution
40504Bldg - Solar Energy Technology
40505Bldg Leasehold Improvements
40510Bldg-Legal Service
40512Bldg-Appraisal Services
40513Bldg-Enginrg & Arch Svc
40514Bldg-Project Management
40515Bldg-Project Inspection
40516Bldg-Constructn Permits & Fees
40517Bldg-Conditional Use/Planning Fees
40518Bldg-OUS Capital Support Assess
40519Bldg-Miscellaneous Fees & Services
40520Bldg-BOLI Prevailing Wage Rate Fee
40521Bldg – Capitalized Interest
40530Bldg-Collabortive Proj Distribution
40600Other Capitalized Expenditures
40602Legal Service (Capitalized)
40612Advertising (Capitalized)
40618Appraisal Services (Capitalized)
40619Enginrg & Arch Svc (Capitalized)
40621Project Management (Capitalized)
40622Project Inspection (Capitalized)
40672Constructn Permits & Fees (Capit'd)
40673Conditional Use/Planning Fees (Cap)
40678Emerging Small Business Ent Assess
40699Miscellaneous Fees & Services
40705Infr Leasehold Improvements
40710Infr-Legal Service
40712Infr-Appraisal Services
40713Infr-Enginrg & Arch Svc
40714Infr-Project Management
40715Infr-Project Inspection
40716Infr-Constructn Permits & Fees
40717Infr-Conditional Use/Planning Fees
40718Infr-OUS Capital Support Assess
40719Infr-Miscellaneous Fees & Services
40720Infra-BOLI Prevailing Wage Rate Fee
40721Infra-Capitalized Interest
40730Infr-Collabortive Proj Distribution
40800Intangible Assets
40811Easements/Right of Ways
40812Software (Over $100,000)
40813Water Rights
40814Timber Rights
40815Patents & Copyrights
40817Other Intangible Assets
41000Capital Outlay (non-Capitalized)
42000Capital Asset Losses
42001Loss on Disposal of Fixed Asset
50000Student Aid
52102Graduate Fellowships
52103Post Doctoral Fellowships
52104Miscellaneous Fellowships
53000Grants In Aid
53102Tuition Grants-In-Aid
53103Books Grants-In-Aid
53104Rm & Brd Gr-In-Aid On Campus
53105Rm & Brd Gr-In-Aid Off Campus
53109Miscell Grants-In-Aid
54000Waiver Of Fees
54001Waiver Of Fees
54101Oregon Minority Enroll Initiative
54104Portland Teacher Fee Remission
54110Oregon Educational Diversity Init
54130International Cultural Serv Fee Rem
54131International Student Fee Rem
54132Cultural Serv Prog Fee Rem
54140International Exchange Programs
54141OUS International Exch Fee Rem
54142Inst International Exch Fee Rem
54150Contract & Grant Fee Rem
54151Contr & Grant Academic Yr Fee Rem
54152Contr & Grant Summer Sess Fee Rem
54170OUS Supp Tuition Grant Fee Rem
54180Other Fee Remission Programs
54181UO Law Fee Rem 1st Year
54182UO Law Fee Rem 2nd Year
54183UO Law Fee Rem 3rd Year
54184University Supp Tuition Grant
54185WICHE Fee Remission
54186Resident Undergrad Dean's Fee Rem
54187Non-Res Undergrad Dean's Fee Rem
54188University International Fee Rem
54199Other Fee Remissions
55000Participant Support
55101Participant Support
55103Dependency Allowance
55104Tuition/Fee Pymt for Particpnt
55105Travel Payment for Particpnt
55106Book Allowance for Particpnt
55107Room & Board for Particpnt
55108Group Activities
55109Medical & Dental Paymnt for Partic
55110Misc Participant Support
59000Other Student Aid
59101Other Student Aid
60000Merchandise for Resale or Redistrib
61000Resale Items - General Commodities
61002Resale Items - Misc Merchandise
61004Vending Machine Goods & Services
61010Resale Items - E-Book Textbooks
61011Resale Items - New Textbooks
61012Resale Items - Used Textbooks
61013Resale Items - Genl Bk/Publications
61020Resale Items - Art Supplies
61021Resale Items - Supplies
61022Supplies-State Contract
61023Resale Items - Dental Supplies
61024Resale Items - Student Issue
61025Resale Items - Tools
61030Resale Items - Soft Goods
61032Resale Items - Hlth/Pers Care Items
61033Resale Items - Wearing Apparel
61034Resale Items - Gifts & Novelties
61035Resale Items - CD's Prerecorded
61036Tobacco Products
61040Resale Items - Videotape
61050Resale Items - Computer Hardware
61051Resale Items - Computer Software
61052Resale Items - Computer Accessories
61053Resale Items - Calculators
61054Resale Items - Electronics
61055Office Furniture & Equipment
61058Resale Items - Photo/Optical Goods
61059Rental textbooks
61060Resale Items - Rental Merchandise
61070Resale Items - Ceramics Supplies
61071Resale Items - Jewelry Supplies
61072Resale Items - Woodwrkng Supplies
61082Resale Items - Postage
61085Travel Tickets for Resale
61191Purch Retn/Allow-New Textbooks
61192Purch Retn/Allow-Used Textbooks
61193Purch Retn/Allow-General Books
61194Purch Retn/Allow-Tapes,CDs
61195Purch Retn/Allow-Other Merchandise
62000Resale Items - Food Stuffs
62001Resale Items - Produce
62002Resale Items - Frozen Produce
62003Resale Items - Meats
62004Resale Items - Bakery Goods
62005Resale Items - Cheese & Eggs
62006Resale Items - Other Frozen Goods
62007Resale Items - Grocery
62008Resale Items - Milk & Ice Cream
62009Resale Items - Snack & Candy
62010Resale Items - Beverage
62011Resale Items - Alcoholic Beverage
62012Fountain Drinks
63000Resale Items - Agricultural
63001Resale Items - Vet Biologicals
63004Resale Items - Animals
63005Resale Items - Animal Feed
64000Resale Items - General Services
64002Resale Items - Misc Services
65000Resale Items - Other
65199Resale Items - Misc Items
66000Utilities Cost for Redistribution
66001Electricity Cost for Redistribution
66002Pressurized Gas Cost for Redistrib
66003Natural Gas Cost for Redistribution
66004Steam Cost for Redistribution
66006Fuel Oil Cost for Redistribution
66009Misc Util Cost for Redistribution
66010Water Cost for Redistribution
66012Sewage Cost for Redistribution
66013Storm Water Cost for Redistribution
70000Indirect Charges
70001Financial Administrative Costs
70002Internal Admin Costs
70003Desig Ops Fnds Adm Costs
70004Misc Departmental Admin Costs
70005F & A Cost (formerly Indirect)
79000Internal Sales Reimbursement
79100Publictn/Graphics Internal Reimburs
79103Press Reimbursement
79106Photography & Artist Reimbursement
79107Duplicating & Copying Reimbursement
79108Printing & Publishing Reimbursement
79110Copy Service Reimbursement
79111Paper Sales Reimbursement
79120Mailing Services Reimbursement
79121Mailing Supplies Reimbursement
79122Advertising Reimbursement
79200Computer Svc Internal Reimbursement
79201Machine Processing Reimbursement
79202Disk & Tape Storage Reimbursement
79203Programming Reimbursement
79204Data Entry Reimbursement
79205Computer Service Material/Sipp Reim
79206Computer Center Other Reimbursement
79209Comptr Ctr Services Reimbursement
79300General/Misc Internal Reimbursement
79301Instructional Sales Reimbursement
79302Noninstructional Sales Reimbursemnt
79313Rentals Reimbursemnt
79314Physical Plant Sales Reimbursemnt
79316Risk Mgmt Insurance Recover Reimb
79320Telecomm Service Reimbursemnt
79325Food Service/Catering Reimbursement
79331Animal Sales Reimbursemnt
79332Animal Board Reimbursemnt
79333Feed & Bedding Sales Reimbursemnt
79334Vet Surgery & Surgical Equip Reimb
79341Mechanical Parts & Suppl Reimb
79342Special Material Sales Reimbursemnt
79343Technical Services Reimbursement
79350Resale of Equipment Reimbursement
79360Health Care Services Reimbursement
79361Pharmacy Reimbursement
79381Conference Reimbursement
79382Trip and Tour Reimbursement
79383Transportation Reimbursement
79384Parking Permits Reimbursement
79385Vehicle & Equip Use Reimbursement
79387Vehicle Servicing Reimbursement
79388Vehicle Fuel Sales Reimbursement
79389Collision Recovery Reimbursement
79390Admin Services Reimbursement
79391Miscellaneous Sales Reimbursement
79392Miscellaneous Service Reimbursement
79393Specialized Svc Ctr- O & M Reimb
79394Specialized Svc Ctr- G & A Reimb
79395Specialized Svc Ctr- Bldg Use Reimb
79398Departmental Allocatns to Svc Depts
80500Depreciation Expense
80501Dep Exp-Personal Property
80510Dep Exp-Equipment
80511Dep Exp-Equipment
80512Dep Exp-Vehicles
80515Dep Exp-Vessels
80516Dep Exp-IT Hardware/Equipment
80540Dep Exp-Library
80542Dep Exp-Library Books (General)
80600Dep Exp-Real Property
80610Dep Exp-Buildings
80611Dep Exp-Buildings
80620Dep Exp-Land Improvements
80624Dep Exp-Land Improvements
80630Dep Exp-IOTBs
80631Dep Exp-IOTBs
80640Dep Exp-Infrastructure
80641Dep Exp-Infrastructure
80700Amortization Expense
80710Amort Exp-Easements/Right of Ways
80711Amort Exp-Easements/Right of Ways
80720Amort Exp-Computer Software
80721Amort Exp-Computer Software
80730Amort Exp-Water Rights
80731Amort Exp-Water Rights
80740Amort Exp-Timber Rights
80741Amort Exp-Timber Rights
80750Amort Exp-Patents & Copyrights
80751Amort Exp-Patents & Copyrights
80760Amort Exp-Trademarks
80761Amort Exp-Trademarks
80770Amort Exp-Other Intangible Assets
80771Amort Exp-Other Intangible Assets
88000Student Loan Related Expense
88001Loan Payments to Students
88002Bad Debt Write Off
88003Late Charges
88004Service Charge
88010Litigation Expenses
88011Administrative Expenses
88012Other Collection Costs
88013Collection Agency Costs
88014Credit Bureau Fees
88015Institution Collection Cost
88020Default Principal Assigned Fed Govt
88021Default Interest Assigned Fed Govt
88100Prin Cancelled 15% Volunt Svc /72
88101Princ Cancelled 20% Volunt Svc /72
88102Princ Cancelled 20% Teachg Svc>7/72
88103Princ Cancelled 30% Teachg Svc>7/72
88104Princ Cancelled 15% Teachg Svc>7/72
88105Prin Cancelled 10% Teachg Svc
88110Prin Cancel 15% Law Enf/Corr
88111Prin Cancel 20% Law Enf/Corr
88112Prin Cancel 30% Law Enf/Corr
88115Prin Cancel 15% High Rsk Cldrn Svc
88116Prin Cancel 20% High Rsk Cldrn Svc
88117Prin Cancel 30% High Rsk Cldrn Svc
88120Prin Cancel - 15% Teach Spec Subj
88121Prin Cancel - 20% Teach Spec Subj
88122Prin Cancel - 30% Teach Spec Subj
88130Loan Prin Cancelled Death
88131Loan Prin Cancelled Disability
88132Loan Prin Cancelled Bankruptcy
88133Loan Prin Cancel-Military <@6/30/72
88134Loan Prin Cancelled Other
88135Loan Prin Cancel-Military >7/1/72
88140Prin Cancel - 15% Nurse/MedTec
88141Prin Cancel - 20% Nurse/MedTec
88142Prin Cancel - 30% Nurse/MedTec
88200Interest Cancelled 15% Volun Svc/72
88201Interest Cancelled 20% Volun Svc/72
88202Inter Cancelled 20% Teach Svc >/72
88203Inter Cancelled 30% Teach Svc >/72
88204Inter Cancelled 15% Teach Svc >/72
88205Interest Cancelled 10% Teachg Svc
88210Inter Cancel 15% Law Enf/Corr
88211Inter Cancel 20% Law Enf/Corr
88212Inter Cancel 30% Law Enf/Corr
88215Inter Cancel 15% High Rsk Cldrn Svc
88216Inter Cancel 20% High Rsk Cldrn Svc
88217Inter Cancel 30% High Rsk Cldrn Svc
88220Inter Cancel 15% Teach Spec Subj
88221Inter Cancel 20% Teach Spec Subj
88222Inter Cancel 30% Teach Spec Subj
88230Interest Cancelled Death
88231Interest Cancelled Disability
88232Interest Cancelled Bankruptcy
88233Interest Cancel Military @6/30/72
88234Interest Cancelled Other
88235Interest Cancelled Military >7/1/72
88240Inter Cancel - 15% Nurse/MedTed
88241Inter Cancel - 20% Nurse/MedTed
88242Inter Cancel - 30% Nurse/MedTed
91000Transfers In
91001Transfer In From Other Funds
91005Tfr In- between FTYP Lvl 2
91008Tfr In- Debt Retirement w/in Inst
91105Tfr In- Incidental Fee Resources
91200Trsf In - Board Resources
91225Tfr In- from Other OUS Inst
91228Tfr In- Debt Retirement CO-Inst
91250Tfr In- w/in FT11 Budgeted Ops
91255Tfr In- from FT11 Budgeted Ops
91501Tfr In- for Cost Sharing
92000Transfers Out
92001Transfer Out To Other Funds
92005Tfr Out- between FTYP Lvl 2
92007Trnsfr Out to Renwl/Replcmnt Resv
92008Tfr Out- Debt Retirement w/in Inst
92105Tfr Out- Incidental Fee Resources
92200Trsf Out - Board Resources
92225Tfr Out- to Other OUS Inst
92228Tfr Out- Debt Retirement CO-Inst
92250Tfr Out- w/in FT11 Budgeted Ops
92255Tfr Out- from FT11 Budgeted Ops
92501Tfr Out- to Cost Sharing Funds
9B000Budget Designated for Future FYs
9B100Salary & OPE Budget Rsv Future FYs
9B110Unclass Salary Rsv Future FYs
9B130Class Salary Rsv Future FYs
9B150Other Salary Rsv Future FYs
9B190OPE Reserve Future FYs
9B200S & S Budget Rsv Future FYs
9B300Travel Budget Rsv Future FYs
9B400Cap Outlay Budget Rsv Future FYs
9C000Budget for Current FY
9Y000Budget -Faculty Committed Funds
E0000Fund Additions
E0001Fund Additions From Other Funds
E0002Fund Addtns From Proprietary Funds
E1000Net Investment in Plant
E1001NIP Change in Fixed Assets
E2000Fund Additions for Bonded Debt
E2500Fund Additions for Internal Loans
E3000Fund Additions for SELP Loans
F0000Fund Deductions
F0001Fund Deductions To Other Funds
F0002Fund Deductions To Reserves
F2000Fund Deductions for Bonded Debt
F2500Fund Deductions for Internal Loans
F3000Fund Deductions for SELP Loans
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