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Professional Service Contract (PSC) Instructions

For Professional Service Contracts (PSCs) charged to sponsored projects:
  1. Department prints PSC and completes form in accordance with instructions provided by the Business Affairs Office (BAO), paying particular attention to:
    • Short Form - Reference University of Oregon (UO) Index number in appropriate field at bottom of form
    • Long Form - Reference “Attachment J - Sponsor Provisions [123456]” on the “Other” attachments line (UO index number within brackets)

  2. Forward form to Sponsored Projects Servicesn (SPS) - hard copy or email to sponsoredprojects@uoregon.edu

  3. SPS will review PSC and attach applicable terms and conditions, per the award, as “Attachment J - Sponsor Provisions”

  4. SPS will initial PSC, retain a copy and return to department via campus mail. If another return method is desired, please note the request with the PSC

  5. Department will obtain appropriate departmental signature(s)

  6. Department will send entire PSC to vendor (including Attachment J)

  7. Department will refer vendor to SPS in the event they wish to modify attachment J in any way

  8. Vendor will return entire signed PSC< to Department

  9. Department forwards to BAO

  10. BAO checks to make certain no changes have been made and
    • short form - processes payment
    • long form - fully executes PSC and returns to Department

Sponsored Projects Services
August 20 2008