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Grants.gov Overview

Grants.gov is a federal website used to find Funding Opportunities and to access Grants.gov Workspace for the purpose of assembling Grants.gov Grant Applications to be submitted by Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) at the University of Oregon (UO). SPS is the authorized office at UO which is registered and authorized by UO to submit Grants.gov Applications via the Grants.gov website.

Grants.gov Workspace must be accessed to view and assemble the Forms associated with the Grants.gov application. In order to access Grants.gov Workspace, a Grants.gov user must be registered with Grants.gov.

To Register on Grants.gov, go to: Register on Grants.gov

Once you are registered, log into your new Grants.gov Account:

  • Then look to the top left of your screen and go to "My Account." Then look at the middle of your screen and select "Manage Profiles." Then, select "Add Profile."
  • Enter the UO's DUNS Number in the DUNS Number field, 079289626, and complete the new profile fields, then click "Save."
  • As soon as you do that, an automated e-mail from Grants.gov will be sent to SPS and SPS will then assign you the "Grants.gov Workspace" role. You will then have access to view and edit the Application Forms in Grants.gov Workspace.

Your SPS Pre-Award Sponsored Projects Administrator (SPA) is authorized by the University to submit the final Grants.gov Application for all programs that require submission through the Grants.gov web portal. Prior to submission, SPS Pre-Award SPAs review application forms, budgets and budget justifications, and other application materials and Forms for compliance with regulations and guidelines described in each Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).SPS Pre-award SPA Unit Assignments can be viewed at the link below:

SPS SPA Unit Assignments

If you are unsure of whom to contact at SPS, please e-mail sponsoredprojects@uoregon.edu and/or phone 541-346-5131.

As the Grants.gov process may require special technical assistance, SPS strongly encourages that you submit your final Grants.gov Application for review at least 3 days prior to the external due date. This provides greater assurance that your proposal will be submitted successfully, allowing time for resubmission of the application, if necessary.

Information about Grants.gov, Searching for Funding Opportunities, using Grants.gov Workspace, and other Informational videos can found on the Grants.gov website at: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/home.html