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Using a Macintosh to prepare your proposal for submission through Grants.gov with PureEdge

Option 1: IBM Workplace Forms (PureEdge) Viewer for Macintosh

A pre-release version of the IBM Workplace Forms Viewer for the Macintosh has been made available at www.grants.gov/resources/download_software.jsp#pureedgeviewer.

Software limitations include:

  • Occasional crashes and subsequent loss of any unsaved data
  • Inability to submit large applications (greater than 20-40 MB depending on your system and network)
  • Inability to run on any Mac OS version prior to 10.4.6
  • No support for screen readers for visually impaired users
  • Does not work with Mac OS X Leopard

NOTE: Other options for Intel-based Macs is to use Boot Camp or Parallels Desktop for Mac to install and run Windows on your Mac.

Option 2: Prepare your Macintosh computer to run PureEdge forms on the Citrix Server

There are several steps, some of which are very confusing, that you will have to work through in order to use a Macintosh computer to prepare submissions through Grants.gov. There are numerous opportunities for things to go wrong. We urge you to read all of the instructions carefully, and do not wait until the last minute to prepare your proposal.

What's going on?
The PureEdge Application Package that you downloaded from Grants.gov will not run on a Macintosh computer. You are going to use a server located somewhere across the country to open the Application Package and edit it. Your Macintosh computer will be functioning as a terminal, the processing will take place somewhere else.

This technology is only supported on Macs running OS X or PowerPC

Potential problems include the lose of your connection to the internet and the host server being overloaded close to a submission deadline.


  1. Download the Citrix Client from the Citrix Corporation.

  2. Download Citrix connection file for Grants.gov from SPS's Web Site.

  3. Open, read and save the UO Macintosh Guide to Grants.gov from SPS's Web Site. [PDF]

    • This Guide will provide instructions on the installation and use of the Citrix Client and the Citrix Connection File
    • Do not attempt to install and use the Citrix client without reading the Guide.

  4. Check for last minute updates on Grants.gov Mac Support Page.
    Do not download the Citrix Connection file from the Grants.gov website.