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SPS Staff Directory

SPS Organization Chart

To determine the SPA Team supporting a unit on campus, please see Campus Unit Assigments Page

Sponsored Projects Services Management TeamTitle Extension
Analinda Camacho Director 6-2507
Carrie Chesbro Associate Director, Post-Award 6-4613
Glen Bennett Associate Director, Pre Award 6-5039
Elizabeth Denecke Associate Director, Contracts 6-5132
Jon Loftus Post Award Manager 6-8438
TBD Training and Outreach Coordinator
Sponsored Projects Services Administrative Team   
TBD Administrative Assistant  
Sponsored Projects Administrators Pre-Award Team   
Mara Fields Pre Award SPA 6-8021
Stephanie Gray Pre Award SPA 6-2220
Patti Carey Pre Award SPA 6-8148
Ashley Boehme Pre Award SPA 6-4885
Sponsored Projects Administrators Post-Award Team   
Team A   
Team A Group email Team Email Address  
Melodie Ranisavljevic Post Award SPA 6-5133
Andy Gutierrez Post Award SPA 6-3467
Team B   
Team B Group email Team Email Address  
Jonathon Campbell Post Award SPA 6-4689
Christina Wozniak Post Award SPA 6-2395
Karen Bangle Post Award SPA 6-3448
Team C   
Team C Group email Team Email Address  
Teresa Beeler Post Award SPA 6-8852
Alayne Switzer Post Award SPA 6-3439
Sponsored Projects Services Award Set-up Team   
Award Setup Team Group email Team Email Address  
Julie Buller Award Set-up Administrator 6-5149
Kari Vandergust Award Set-up SPA 6-5013
Sponsored Projects Services Financial Management Team   
Financial Management Team Group email Team Email Address  
Josh Kerber Financial SPA 6-5846
Deja Grant Accountant 2 6-8541
Sponsored Projects Services Contracting Team
Research Contracting Team Group email Team Email Address  
Mage Burmer Contracts Officer 6-7754
Jeff Borden Contracts Officer 6-4221
TBD Contracts Technician 6


David Conover Vice President for Research and Innovation 6-2090
Cassandra Moseley Senior Associate Vice President for Research and Innovation 6-4545
Stacy Williams-Wright Divisional Budget Director 6-2888
Dave Landrum Assistant VP Research Finance Administration 6-3181
Khaila Carlstrom Executive Assistant 6-6493
Chloe Tirabasso Executive Assistant 6-2247
Research Compliance Services (Website)
Sheryl Johnson Director 6-3106
Caitlin Alcorn Senior Research Compliance Administrator 6-1964
Carolyn Craig Senior Research Compliance Administrator 6-1845
Kalindi Allen Research Compliance Administrator 6-2828
Daniel Berman Research Compliance Administrator 6-6974
Christina Spicer Research Compliance Administrator 6-6973
Joe Wisecaver Research Compliance Administrator 6-
Chris Duy Research Compliance Specialist 6-2222
Russell Melia Administrative Assistant 6-3356
Innovation Partnership Services (Website)
Chuck Williams Associate Vice President for Innovation 6-2028
Jim Deane Associate Director, Science Portfolio 6-4146
Christine Gramer Senior Technology Development Associate 6-3499
Orca Merwin Associate Director, Industry and Education Portfolio 6-0832
Jesse Conway Innovation Asset Administrator 6-2263
Vanessa Ringgold Licensing & Contracts Associate 6-8921