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Grants.gov Fact Sheet

  1. How do I register for Grants.gov?
    Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) has already registered the University of Oregon (UO) as an institution with the Central Contracts Registry, the Credential Provider, the Credential Provider and Grants.gov. As the Principal Investigator (PI) you do not need to register as SPS will complete all Grants.gov submissions under their account.
  2. How does Grants.gov change the process of me routing my proposal through SPS for institutional approval/signatures?
    Proposals going through Grants.gov must be sent to SPS via the Electronic Proposal Clearance System(E-PCS). Proposals being submitted through Grants.gov should be given extra turnaround time due to procedures necessary in submitting the application. It is recommended at this time that all proposals being submitted through Grants.gov be uploaded into E-PCS 5 working days prior to the agency submission deadline.  
  3. Can I still be working on my narrative of the proposal after I have submitted my proposal to SPS for approval?
    Yes, you can continue working on the project narrative of the proposal after uploading your Grant Application Package (GAP) into EPCS. However, the final project narrative should be uploaded at least 1 business day prior to agency deadline to ensure successful submission. Be sure to check the program announcement’s guidance for submission deadline.
  4. What do I need to be able to download and view Grants.gov application packages?
    You will need to download the free Pure Edge viewer at the following web site. http://grants.gov/DownloadViewer
  5. Can I view and complete a Grants.gov application using a Mac?
    Grants.gov has created a Citrix Server for Mac users to be able to download and complete an application. SPS provides additional information on the website http://orsa.uoregon.edu/index.cfm?topLevCat=eproposals&secLevCat=grants_gov&page=macintosh
  6. How do I know the sponsoring agency has received my application?
    When the sponsoring agency receives the proposal, a verification e-mail will be sent to SPS saying the proposal has been received. SPS will forward this e-mail to the PI.