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Subawards Not Included in Original Proposals

In some cases, the need for a new subaward agreement, not included as part of the original proposal, arises during the life of the prime award. In these circumstances, the process below outlines the necessary steps for UO to issue a subaward in order for another organization (Subrecipient) to perform a portion of the work under a UO Prime Award.

  1. The PI should first work with their DGA and assigned Post-Award SPA team to determine whether the organization and the work proposed will be better defined as a Subrecipient/Subaward relationship or a Vendor/Purchase of Goods or Services agreement
  2. The PI coordinates with the assigned Post-Award SPA team to identify any required rebudgeting of the prime award and obtain any necessary prior approvals from the Sponsor (rebudgeting, entering into a subaward, etc.)
    • Note: The applicable UO F&A rate for the award will be charged on the first $25,000 of all unique subaward agreements
  3. PI and DGA coordinate the submission of the following documents required for the issuance of a new subaward:
    • New Subagreement and Amendment Request Form signed by the UO PI
    • Subrecipient Certification Form (Completed and signed by the Subrecipient institution’s authorized official)
    • Statement of Work
    • Budget and Budget Justification
    • Subrecipient’s F&A Rate Agreement or Documentation Justifying Other Rates (if indirect costs are requested as part of the subaward)
    • Subrecipient’s Federal Fringe Benefit Rate Agreement (If Subrecipient is requesting fringe benefits based on their federal rate)
  4. The request for subaward agreement is reviewed and approved by SPS
    • Submitted SOW, Budget and Budget Justification are reviewed and approved
    • SPS verifies Subrecipient is not debarred, suspended or otherwise excluded from receiving federal funds
  5. Once Sponsor and SPS review and approval is complete, SPS will initiate the Subaward

Please note that when applicable, Subrecipients may be required to provide appropriate documentation for all applicable compliance issues (e.g. human subjects, animal research, conflict of interest, etc.) for their specific scope of work for the project. 

The UO is responsible for financial and programmatic monitoring of sponsored project funds awarded to the university that are subsequently flowed through via a Subaward to another institution, organization, or individual according to the regulations governing UO on the specific project. All terms and conditions are flowed from UO, as the prime funding recipient, to the Subrecipient.