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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have lost my Nation Science Foundation (NSF) Fastlane password and I need to login. What can I do?

    To have your password changed you can reset your password for yourself at the following website by selecting the Password Reset tab.
    You may also call your PreAward SPA and have SPS reset the password.

  2. I have never registered for a NSF Fastlane account, what do I need to do to be able to register?

    To register for a Fastlane account you will need to supply the information from the following form to SPS.
    NSF Fastlane Request form

  3. I am filling in my Agency cover page and they are asking for a Tax Identification Number (TIN), where can I get this information?

    The TIN number and other frequently required University of Oregon (UO) information is available at http://orsa.uoregon.edu/index.cfm?toplevcat=proposals&page=pp_cover_page.

  4. I am submitting a proposal via Fastlane and am collaborating with another university, how do I manage the collaborative proposal submission?

    Procedures for submitting collaborative proposals to NSF depend on whether UO is the lead institution. Consult the Grant Proposal Guide for guidelines and instructions on submitting collaborative proposals to NSF.

  5. I am submitting a proposal with a subaward to another University, what kind of documentation do I need from the other University?

    For proposals in which UO is the lead organization and is subcontracting with another organization, Office of Research Services and Administration (SPS) needs a budget, budget justification, scope of work, letter of commitment (signed by the Sponsored Programs) and a copy of the organization’s F&A rate agreement.

  6. I am submitting a proposal to another University as a subcontractor, what do I need to send through SPS for approval?

    A proposal being submitted to another organization in which UO is a subawardee under the organization requires the same University approval as other proposals. An Electronic Proposal Clearance System (E-PCS) record must be created and a budget, budget justification and scope of work must be uploaded into the record. Once reviewed and approved, SPS will prepare a letter of commitment.

  7. I am submitting a revised budget that needs a signature from an authorized organizational representative. What does SPS need to process this information?

    For a revised budget that needs authorized organizational representative signatures, an E-PCS record must be created. SPS will expect to see the revised budget and any other materials being submitted to the agency uploaded into the record. In addition, if any changes have been made to the project narrative a copy of the new narrative must be uploaded as well.

  8. The agency I am applying to limits indirect costs to 10%, what do I need to do for UO to accept this rate?

    If the sponsor limits or does not allow Facilities and Administration (F&A), also called indirect costs, the investigator must provide a copy of the sponsor’s published policy stating the F&A restriction. SPS will accept this limitation only if it is a published policy and applied across all applicants for the sponsor or the sponsors specific program.

  9. I am new to the proposal process and need to know what SPS needs to review and sign my proposal?

    You will first need to create an E-PCS record for your proposal. For assistance with E-PCS, contact your PreAward SPA. You will use this record to upload your proposal for SPS’s review and approval. 

  10. What is the turn around time for proposals?

    SPS requires a minimum of three (3) working days to process a completed proposal. Proposals often require edits; drafts should be submitted as soon as possible.

  11. What kind of documentation is required for showing cost share in a proposal?

    Any UO cost share commitments must be indicated under the Cost Share Tab in the E-PCS record. All appropriate authorizing officials for the source(s) of the cost share funds must certify to the costs by approving the E-PCS record. External commitments must be entered under the Cost Share Tab as well. In addition, written documentation from external source is required. 

  12. I am writing a multi year budget, how much should I increase budget categories each year?<

    SPS encourages investigators to include a reasonable increase in all budget categories to account for inflation in subsequent budget years. Typical increases for tuition is 7% and 5% for all other direct cost categories.