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NIH Salary CAP

NIH regulations provide guidance that the NIH Salary Cap rate limitation restricts the amount that may be awarded and charged to NIH grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts. Currently it restricts the direct salary RATE to Executive Level II of the Federal Executive pay scale and is currently set at $187,000

An institution may pay an individual's salary amount in excess of the salary cap with non-federal funds.

If an award is made with personnel identified in a proposal with Institutional Base Salary level(s) in excess of the NIH Salary Cap rate, then the UO campus departments should work with the SPS Post-award Team assigned to the award at the time of award notification to determine the appropriate levels of salary which may be charged to the grant and the appropriate levels of salary which should be charged to non-federal fund(s).

  1. Detailed Proposal Budgets should reflect the current NIH Salary Cap amount for personnel on proposal budgets including proposed sub-awards.
  2. Submission of a Request for Cost Share Approval Form is not required. The SPS SPA will review the estimated dollar amount of Voluntary Uncommitted Cost Share for the amount of salary which would be charged to non-federal funds, which represents the salary rate over the NIH Salary Cap.

    The Cost Share Tab of the EPCS record should indicate the "Proposed Amount" of salary only in each project year which will need to be charged to non-federal sources.

Note: unlike a typical Cost Share commitment, it is not a firm dollar amount which will need to be met and coded using the program code and activity code field in the FOAPAL line in the UO's Payroll System. The program code and activity code should be the codes used for standard cost share documentation, not for institutional support. This will allow the employees effort to be tracked in the Activity Reporting System. The actual amount of salary charged to non-federal sources and documented in Banner thru the cost share mechanism will be any amount of salary paid for the employee's effort on the project, over and above the current salary cap rate.

For questions concerning budgeting for the NIH Salary Cap in a proposal, please contact your SPS Pre-award SPA.

For questions concerning amounts of salary which may be charged directly to the grant and the appropriate levels of salary which should be charged to non-federal fund(s), please contact your SPS Post-award Team.

SPS Campus Unit Assignments are displayed at: http://orsa.uoregon.edu/index.cfm?topLevCat=orsa&page=orsa_campus_units

If not sure who to contact, please contact Sponsored Projects Services: E-mail sponsoredprojects@uoregon.edu or phone: (541) 346-5131