The Office of Research and Faculty Development

The Office of Research and Faculty Development (RFD) provides assistance in developing and reviewing research proposal drafts, clarifying research objectives, evaluating a research design or program structure, identifying funding sources and analyzing source priorities, and interpreting guidelines. RFD's web page at has additional information on its services, links to governmental and private funding source information on the internet, and contact names and numbers. RFD also administers several internal granting programs for University of Oregon (UO) faculty, including:

Summer Research Awards: Each year the University awards approximately 20 grants of $4,500 each in support of summer research for faculty whose proposals are selected by the Faculty Research Committee through competitive review. The competition is announced and on-line applications made available from RFD in late summer. Applications are due in the beginning of December.  First-year faculty who have received start-up funds from their colleges are not eligible to apply until the following year.

New Junior Faculty Award Program: These awards assist beginning faculty who do not have summer salary or start-up funds to establish their research activities. The program consists of two stages that will offer up to $7,500 of support. For program and eligibility details, visit the webpage at:

Travel Assistance: Faculty receiving travel awards from external sources may receive a modest supplement to help defray actual travel costs. Assistance is also available for other research related travel. A letter detailing travel plans, the relationship of the trip to your current research, costs and cost-sharing by other UO or external sources, and a copy of the award letter or invitation should be sent to RFD. 

Summer Workshop in Proposal Development: Each summer, RFD sponsors two workshops for faculty to promote skill-building. Workshop goals are to promote capacity around writing research proposals and increase understanding related to fund raising, stakeholder development, and procedures for submission of external grants. Participation is competitive and RFD typically announces the application process late in spring term. The interactive workshops involve lecture and focus on writing.