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Escalation Procedure for Non-Response to SPS Requests for Information and/or Required Transactions

Sponsored Projects Services relies on the Principal Investigator (PI) and the Departmental Grant Administrator (DGA) for timely and accurate information related to proposal submission, contracting, reporting, invoicing, closeouts and other necessary components of sponsored project administration. This may include, but is not limited to, proposal documents, request and approval forms, effort certifications, and related accounting transactions. Please note that accounting transactions may include the timely removal of unallowable and/or undocumented charges on sponsored projects, and that if after the escalation process below, the Unit has still not removed the unallowable/undocumented charges, SPS will remove the charges to a departmental index identified by the Unit Head and/or Dean.

In a situation when a unit is non-responsive to SPS requests for information and/or transactional activity, SPS will follow the escalation procedure indicated in the table below until the necessary information or transactional activity has been received or completed:


Unit Staff Involved

SPS Staff Involved

First Request



Second Request


SPA, Assoc. Director

Third Request

DGA, PI, Unit Head

SPA, Assoc. Director, Director

Fourth Request

DGA, PI, Unit Head, College Dean

SPA, Assoc. Director, Director, VPR Office

If the PI serves as the Unit Head, a step in the escalation may be skipped to elevate the request to a higher level. While there is no set timeframe for the escalation steps to occur, adequate time will be provided for response between requests. If the response or information is needed to meet sponsor deadlines, the process may move quickly to ensure compliance with sponsor terms. Please note that if the PI is involved in the first communication, the process begins at the second step.

Revised 25 August 2016