Subrecipient Monitoring

UO Researchers collaborating with non-UO researchers on federally-sponsored projects may require issuance of subawards or subcontracts ("subaward") where federal funding is provided. Subawards are issued and monitored in accordance with all applicable federal guidance (e.g., Uniform Guidance, 2 CFR 200, Federal Acquisition Regulation, etc.). SPS makes subaward determinations based upon project scope and collaborator statements of work (2 CFR 200.330). SPS conducts a risk assessment for the entity and project prior to issuing a subaward (2 CFR 200.331). Appropriate terms to mitigate or manage the risk will be instituted if a higher risk is identified (2 CFR 200.207). If audit findings or noncompliance occur in the course of subaward performance, SPS may impose additional terms or take additional actions (2 CFR 200.338).

Revised 30 September 2015